Tech Task #7

Tech Task #7

Find and play an educational game. Write a short review on it. (

For my educational games, they were science based on the above game site. I chose to play two games to compare each of their educational aspects.

The first game I played was “Fingerprint Activity” based on forensic sciences. This game would be great for students to play to practice what they have already learnt about fingerprints. Before allowing the gamer to simply play and have fun, it forces you to read and learn about each type of finger print, once it has seen that you have clicked on each one it will then allow them to continue. What I thought was great about this game is that it’s interesting, kids are trying to solve a mystery so they’ll be intrigued at the same time. They learn and/or review their knowledge about forensic sciences, then they have to compare, evaluate and make decisions and realizations of which ones are the same or look similar based on the facts that they had to review earlier. I found this game with a slight challenge because I never knew any of the types of fingerprints well enough, so I was learning opposed to reviewing, but I think that this game is more so aimed at Elementary aged students.

For my second game I played, “Crash Test: Power Shootout” based on what things are made of and how they work. This particular game deals with different kinds of hockey sticks allowing you to try them out on a shootout to decide which provides the best speed and accuracy. I wasn’t a huge fan on this game in relation to education. Playing shootouts and sports games don’t resemble educational games to me, they seem more of an entertainment/hobby type game instead of learning. Subjects in schools rarely teach students which type of hockey sticks are the best, learning about their different materials can apply yes, but I didn’t find this game to provide much educational use.

In my conclusion for comparing the two games, I found that yes, they’re both science related, however, the fingerprint activity allowed kids to sit and think about what they’ve learnt or to have to wait until they do understand what the fingerprints are all about before they can continue to solve their mystery. In the shootout game, kids simply choose a stick and take shots on targets not really focusing on their differences or quality, it’s more of a “fun and games” game instead of an educational game

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