LP = Cartoon

For my Learning Project, I am exploring how to draw. My first area of interest was cartoons, they’re always so cute but they also have their own completely unique characteristics. I went to youtube and followed step by step instructions by Danny Paige with expertvillage ( ) on how to draw cartoon characters. I learnt so much just on my first visit on the importance of each facial feature, for instance:
Eyes – must include a small white opening to add a glimmer effect and pupil space – eyebrows are pair with the eyes to help add their expression

Nose – the bigger the nose the older the character will look, therefore the smaller will allow the character to look younger.

Mouth – it is important to add lip definition (lines on side or underneath where crease or wrinkle may appear) – also when making a big silly grin, the focus is on the grin itself, not so much teeth so it is not necessary to draw a ton of little lines to show the teeth, everyone is aware they are there.

Head – the toughest part for drawing the shape of the head is starting with the chin shape, try and make a little point at the bottom where it will end, the draw upwards toward the top of his head

Hair – start by adding shape from the lines you have drawn for the head shape, then add the detailed pieces on top. Make sure to not forget to define the remainder of the head (forehead) after you’ve drawn your hair.

If these helpful instructions are too much, I’ll show you pictures that I practiced drawing that helped lead up to my final “head” of my cartoon, named: ARNOLD!

3 thoughts on “LP = Cartoon

  1. Those a great tips. I think it sometimes nice to have those kinds of things just broken down while you’re learning something. Great work!

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