Tech Task #3 (moved out of page into categorized post)

My tech task this week is to find 5 blogs and 10 people on twitter to follow: These can be educators or anyone else you want pay attention to. Write a blog post about your choices linking to each source.

I chose the following people/topics to follow on twitter or by blog because they are either people or areas that interest me. For instance, you may notice how majority are music related or musicians themselves. I tend to live my life around music and want to know more about whats going on with those who perform music as their living. I also chose to follow come educational related blogs because that is my day to day life right now, trying to get my way through University!

Lady Antebellum :!/ladyantebellum
Adele :!/Adele_LBA
Brotips :!/Brotips_HQ
Edutopia :!/edutopia
Motivational Quotes :!/motivation
Oprah Quotes :!/Oprah_World
Wired 96.3 :!/wired963
Exercise TV :!/ExerciseTV
Ellen DeGeneres :!/TheEllenShow

Craig Stein (my brother) & GX94 :
Perez Hilton :
Adele :
UofR EducationStudentSociety :
Teaching – A Difference :

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