Christmas Time is Near….

This goes out to all you scrooge’s out there who say it’s way too early for Christmas songs, baking or decorating. I just so happen to be counting down the day until Christmas because it is by far my favorite holiday ever! The countdown is on, first semester is wrapping up, and it’s getting below the temperatures that I’d prefer. My favorite part about the holidays is getting together with my family. However, watching kids Christmas movies, ignoring the fact that I’m 18..almost 19 years old, always makes the holidays that much better! Some all time favorites are, the Grinch, Mickey Mouse’s Christmas, Home Alone, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and last but not least, Charlie Brown’s Christmas!

Here’s for all of you who are having troubles getting in the Christmas spirit.. enjoy the snowfall, the hot chocolate and go get your Charlie Brown Christmas tree! 🙂

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