Roses Are Red.. Violets Are Blue..

This week for my learning project I have been trying to tackle how to draw ‘flowers’ in general. Floral drawings that I have seen before always make it look so easy… it’s not. I was able to follow steps, create my own sketch of what was supposed to look like a flower, but the trickiest part for me was figuring out how and where to add shading at the end.

~Roses & Violets~

 The steps I took to draw these flowers were slightly different for one another but a very similiar approach:

1) Outline –

Stems: being with two wavy diagonal lines that cross

Flower: draw two circles at each end of the stem for where the flower will be located

Leaves: draw arcs for their stems, and the leaves with curved lines

2)Sketch Petals –

Flower: In the circles, draw wavy lines to show your pedals overlap and curve

Folds: to indicate a fold, draw a second curved line

Stem: complete your stem by drawing a second line

3)Leaves and Stems

Leaves: give your leaf edges jagged edges; draw a curved line through each leaf’s center for the vein

Stem: add the second line to the leaf stems (add curved thorns – for rose only)

4)Finish Petals:

Add lines to connect your previous lines already drawn and give them irregular edges (bumps, folds etc)

Add more veins to leaves, coming out of your original center vein


Pedals: Shade where they curve outward with parallel lines

Leaves: Shade by drawing short lines next to each vein and on one side of each stem

Drawing these flowers was very time consuming, so much detail has to be done for both the roses and the violets. Since my drawings is very weak, I am quite impressed with myself!

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