‘Tis the Season to Sing!

December is nearing, and so are many Christmas concerts, recitals and pagents. As many of you probably hated these the most in Elementary School or in music lessons, I just so happened to love them. 🙂 Sadly, I accepted that moving on to University, I wouldn’t have these opportunities to perform my favorite holiday’s tunes….NOT! On Dec 9th and 10th, I will be joining a very talented couple, Jeff and Evie Sawatzky, in their annual Christmas program, “A Big Band Christmas”. I was contacted last week and offered to sing duets, solos and in their choir.. I hesitated knowing this is in the middle of finals.. but I accepted.

I am caught quite regularly singing in my room practicing, so if I miss any classes.. it’s because I’m more excited for this than to keep track of the time! The two shows are Dec 9th and 10th in Moose Jaw at the Mae Wilson Theater. Come on out!

But here’s what’s really getting me excited… my mom and dad go every year… so they already have tickets. I called my dad to tell him that I’m in it.. but we’re not telling my mom! My dad is going to get her there shortly before the show starts, hopefully hide the program from her, and when I come on stage she’s going to freak out. Ah! I’m so witty, but my mom follows me whereever I perform.. now she’ll be there and won’t even know she’s gone to watch her daughter. Now, no telling her! This plan has to be bulletproof. 🙂

Merry Christmas Mom!

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to Sing!

  1. I am one of those people who love all the Christmas programs too! And I love to sing all of the Christmas carols 🙂 Its one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I wish I could come see you sing but I probably should study :/

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