Bullying Awareness.. Let’s Do Something

I came across this video posted by an average, everyday student in today’s society. Bullying happens way to often and absolutely everywhere..This needs to stop. You never see the true feelings the victims of bullying are experiencing, some may be stronger than others and able to shake it off… others, it impacts them much stronger, It can leave awful thoughts in their minds that maybe all the nicknames they’ve been called are really true. Bullying makes you feel worthless, alone, and tears you down, never builds you up. I know I’ve been bullied.. and so have you. I know I’ve been the bully to some growing up, and in different ways, we all have. Bullying needs to stop before it’s too late to apologize to the poor kid you’ve been hurting all through Elementary School.

As a student, you rarely see, or even think about, the true consequences of how bullying effects people. I never thought anyone could be bullied to this extent, or to take all the ‘jokes’ so seriously and have it really harm them. As you grow up and see how it effects those younger than you, it’s an extreme eye opener.

I am going to be in and out of working with students in my upcoming teaching career and will do my absolute best to keep these situations out of my classroom. If you witness bullying… don’t sit there and watch and feel bad for the kid.. do something.

We can only hope that all victims of bullying could be as brave as this boy..

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