Treaty Education

This past week, in multiple classes actually, there has been the discussion of Treaty Education. The question has be posed as to how I think I would incorporate this topic into my curriculum, whether or not I think it would be appropriate or not, as well as if I am knowledgable of these facts enough. Each question had its own answer, but they weren’t always set in stone.

For instance, I am a Math major, and I am truly having a difficult time figuring out how Treaty Education could be incorporated into that particular subject. Calculating dates of important events or subtracting them from each other? Measuring volume of a tipi? None of it really seems logically in portraying the facts and the story as well as a subject like English or History. So as far as how I would go about it, I’m really not sure at this point but suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Importance? Yes, extremely. I am now taking an Indigenous Studies class and have realized I do not know much at all about First Nations history, well our own history for that matter. I studied Canadian History in History 30, but my teacher definitely didn’t go into any immense detail and to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of it. Watching Claire Kreuger show her remarkable use with the iPad and how she taught Treaty Education was outstanding, I don’t think I could have ever came up with that but I believe those particular activities will really stick in those children’s minds.

Now, even if I did have all the ideas and ways of going about these lesson plans, I again do not feel I am capable to teaching this history story that I, myself, am not overly familiar with. Connecting with educators would be my first go-to, to find someone who does have that experience or knowledge, or maybe they know an Elder that would be willing to come in and share information with my classes.

One excellent resource I look forward to using is my huge EMUS300/366 binder; I can teach through music! My minor is music, which is very beneficial, but we have been given so much repertoire of Native music that is so cool to play (drums) as well as sing and chant. This subject will be a lot of fun to introduce this topic with, but again, myself and my math colleagues are fairly lost when it comes to incorporating Treaty Education into the math curriculum.

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