Three Teacher Images

Kumashiro introduced three different images of teachers: 1) Learned Practioner 2) Researcher and 3)Professional. I truly believe that the correct image is Learned Practitioner because we learn different ways our students will learn, knowledge of various subject matter, classroom management skills and most importantly how to teach. As future teachers we definitely touch base with the researcher and professional, but we like to get our hands dirty more and experience our learning more deeply. We can be handed a thousand different certificates for passing classes, or continue to read books and write papers on what we find, but in all actuality, teaching is learned so much better being out there in the field, working with students.

From personal experience, I’ve had a dozen different education professors all lecturing their way of teaching or spouting out suggestions on what we need to do, when we do it and how students ‘should’ react. These ideas are extremely useful and I have certainly learned a lot through these courses, but as soon as I entered the classrooms in 100 and 300, you learn an unreal amount more; on the scene type work. Field experience and internships are the outmost important, not to mention successful, times in our university years. Studying can only be good for so much, so using the image for teachers as a learned practitioner is beyond accurate.

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