Who is Miss Stein?

Hello everyone!

My name is Rebecca Stein, small town proud but currently city living. I am nearing the end of my final semester towards my Bachelor of Education (secondary level) at the University of Regina. The past three and a half years I have been studying a variety of math classes (my major), as well as completing my music minor in Choral Education. I recently completed my four month internship placement this past December at Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School and absolutely loved every minute of it. Returning back to campus this semester has allowed to me partake in a few psychology classes, math classes, education classes, and technology/computer class.

As mentioned above, I am originally from a very small town, Simpson, SK. I completed Pre-K through Grade 5 at Simpson School, then due to such small enrollment we were bussed to Watrous where I completed my Grade 6-12 education. All throughout these years I was always involved with music and sports. As young as four I began taking piano and singing lessons, and started playing Tee-Ball only a few years later. Once school sports started up I joined the volleyball team every year from Grade 6-11. Choosing to withdraw in my senior year of high school was difficult, but in place of this extra curr I began taking on my own music students.

Teaching has always been a great desire of mine; connecting with kids, and sharing my knowledge and passion for both math and music with others. Spending time with friends and family is also extremely important to me, so sharing all of my experiences through my educational journey is always exciting for me. None of this would be possible today if it weren’t for technology. I continue to learn how to incorporate technology into my teaching and am left absolutely amazed with the kinds of apps, programs, features, and connections that can be made with others simple over the internet. I can remember in my early education years we would be ecstatic to spend an entire period in the computer lab (these were generally new at the time), but I do not recall any other forms of technology present in my learning until high school. Once I entered Grade 9, Winston High received three SmartBoards, located only in the math and science classrooms. These boards blew me away as a student, my teacher could now project his notes, highlight specific sentences, insert pictures, use interactive manipulatives, the list goes on. As I near the end of my post-secondary schooling, my eyes have been opened to incredible opportunities to incorporate even more technology in my future classroom. I often find the information overwhelming, but as you can see, I am now officially blogging! (Baby steps, right?). We all use our handheld technology on a regular basis to connect with friends, colleagues, coworkers, or family every day. Using Remind during internship I was actually able to “text” my students and volleyball team reminders, important dates, or extra boosts of encouragement without ever exchanging our numbers. Some of their parents chose to be notified as well, which helped significantly with enforcing those reminders were relayed to their children.

I truly believe in the use of technology in our classrooms, it allows our students to interact in an endless amount of methods. Educators are only hindering their students’ learning if they choose to block this incredible tool out of their rooms. As a future teacher, I feel like I can speak for most current teachers, it is tough to confidently introduce new technology in our classrooms as we are not all educated in using such programs. I completely agree! For me its texting, email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Anything else beyond that is unfamiliar to me, which is why I am extremely thankful for my ECMP455 class I am currently enrolled in. For instance, below I have attached a link to a new program my professor introduced to us, FlipGrid. In about a minute and half I summed up my entire blog post, introduction, and previous education/technology experiences. Feel free to take a look at what I created!



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