Tweeting To A Whole New Birdhouse

Last night I gained an entirely new appreciation for technology, specifically Twitter. During my ECMP455 online class my classmates and I took part in (mostly) our first “Twitter Chat”. My professor, Alec Couros, initiated the chat by attaching our class hashtag (#ecmp455) to the end his tweets. As I was so unfamiliar with this process and unsure what we were going to get out of it, I was completely astonished with the results, connections, and feedback we received from non-classmate replies.

Earlier in the class, Alec introduced us first to Tweet Deck; a location to organize specific twitter feeds by entering hashtags we chose to follow. This site was another new concept me, but as soon as I saw it put into play I couldn’t believe it!

The image to the right shows a screenshot of a few different responses and conversations that occurred Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.55.02 AMthrough our #ecmp455 twitter chat. For instance, the bottom two tweets are individuals who are not part of our online course, but joined our chat all the way from Georgia and Manila, can you believe it!? Shauna Pollock from Ottawa, just a few higher up in the feed, ended up connecting with my classmate through this chat, acknowledging her interest in Emily’s Math and Dance Education combo. Without being exposed to these possible interactions I would have never participated in this type of chat on my own, and never would have met such incredible people! I gained almost 10 new followers last night, all educators or math lovers from around the world. Even a gentleman from Australia! Crazy!

I have admittedly underestimated the use and possibilities that Twitter offers us. It certainly has no use for anyone if they don’t try it, but the responses and connections are almost instant and endless once we put ourselves out there. Huge shout out to Alec Couros for not only introducing us to this tool, but involving us in a “trial run” of how it all works!

Please feel free to tweet at me @rebeccastein3 or my Education class #ecmp455, we’d love to hear from you and gain more resources!

Bye for now!



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