Collaborations and Creations

During my last online meeting with ECMP455 we talked a lot about how technology has advanced from generation to generation and the many things people are able to do with this access. A few examples we came across that caught my interest the most involved online collaboration either live with others or using previous video/audio.

As an extreme lover of music, and future teacher with great hopes of teaching music, I would like to discuss a few online examples in more detail. We started by looking at the Nyan Cat, when my professor used this video as an example on editing and how creative others can be by altering someones orginial youtube video. Farther along into the presentation we were asked to watch  Mother Of All Funk, a video and song remix that was created by incorporating a variety of musical tutorials and performance videos people had posted to youtube. I found this combination to be absolutely incredible; the amount of time that must have went into syncing and timing everything perfectly to sound pleasing to the ear would be unimaginable I am sure.

Next up was Beyonce’s ‘Countdown’ music video, except swayed into a bit of a snuggie promo. Youtube subscriber kkpalmer1000 created this video which showed how he completely reenacted Queen B’s video and added the exact same effects and edits her producers had made.

Another famous youtube hit is Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. The first broadcast I saw of this astounding choir was when they performed Whitacre’s piece, “Sleep”. As of last night, I kept looking farther into the extension of his virtual choir and came across Fly To Paradise, which appears to be the fourth virtual performance he conducted. Almost 6,000 different singers joined him from 101 different countries to perform this extremely moving piece. I ended up on Whitacre’s website as well, and came across a virtual youth choir he conducted last summer with 2,292 singers under the age of 18 from 80 countries around the world. This couldn’t be more valid evidence of the endless possibilities technology offers us, and can make for such incredible experiences! If I could figure out how to create something as powerful as this I wouldn’t hesitate for a second; it’s a must see!

The outstanding work people do to create all of these impacting, memorable few minutes is priceless, especially when we are able to share it and collaborate with everyone around the world. Now, not that I think the production of mine and my fellow Riffel interns Shake It Off Parody was at this same level by any means, it is a start! I thought I would share on here the fun digital momento we created during our last week of our placement.

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