Endless Wonders of Google

Ever since I learned how to properly use a computer and access the internet, the largest browser and ‘answer key’ I relied on was Google. It was my go-to for finding information for essays, images for projects, and answers to many of my spur of the moment questions.

Throughout many of my university courses I was introduced to Google Docs and encouraged to collaborate and work with my peers through this Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.53.12 PMcomponent of Google. Google Docs allows me to create, share, and edit the same Word document, powerpoint presentation, spreadsheet document, etc. that my classmates can potentially be working on from their homes at the exact same time. When I was introduced to this a few years ago I was absolutely amazed with the convenience of group assignments Google Docs provided me and all other students. The home base to store and organize these documents is through Google Drive found on the home page.

Aside from your traditional Gmail accounts or Google Maps tools, I have learned about so many more wonders Google provides for its users. Take Google Play for instance; I came across this only a month ago when I was able to purchase a book online for one of my classes and be able to read it right off of my computer screen in seconds. It also allows to you listen to music, buy movies or music, and install various apps for gaming, organizing or music as well.

This week in night class the most exciting feature I learned about was the extensions and apps Google Chrome offers when you use it as your entire web browser. My professor mentioned the words “American” and “Netflix” in one sentenced, followed by “Free Access” and he had me in 100%. Through installing Chrome’s Hola Better Internet I now have access with my previous Netflix account to watch endless episodes of One Tree Hill, Criminal Minds, and piles of Disney movies. All my soft spot!! The only unfortunate timing to all of this is that I wrote two heavy midterms yesterday and watched more Netflix leading up to them than I did studying… oops.

A few other special features offered through Google Chrome is the Ad Blocker Plus extensions that essentially blocks all pop ups and ads on webpages or YouTube videos, it’s great! I also installed Screencastify which is an app that allows me to capture/record my computer screen. This was really exciting to come across as it will be extremely beneficial recording lessons or implementing any flipped classroom math lessons in my future classrooms.

There is a whole other world that Google offers alone, and I cannot wait to dig into it further to see what I can learn next!

Check out my virtual Google Tour using Screencastify:




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