Help Create Communities Without Barriers

Yesterday I tweeted out an incredible video highlighting an Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.29.09 PMinspirational moment where a community gathered together to learn American Sign Language to make one of their locals feel welcome, important, and accepted. I honestly was holding back tears throughout this entire clip, but it goes to show how powerful actions can speak to those who may struggle with barriers in an everyday community.

I came across this video through the hashtag #asl on Twitter and needed to retweet it out as well as share it on my blog to help advocate for Inclusive Education and more importantly Inclusive Communities. This led me to follow Community Inclusion, Community Living, and Nicole Eredics (talks about classroom inclusion) on Twitter.

I am also taking an Education Psychology 400 class that focuses on differences and diversities in the classroom, which is what initially inspired me to learn ASL. A huge part of my philosophy of education is inclusive education as I strongly believe every individual in school, and our communities in this case, deserve to be involved and supported to any extent needed.

Please watch this video and comment any thoughts you had on what this community did for a man with a hearing impairment. What can you do to help make your community inclusive?

Absolutely moving, take a look:

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