Teachers, Students, Questions, Oh My!

These past few weeks were very overwhelming with school as it was right in the heart of midterm season! Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to post a new video, but nonetheless I was still learning!

Since the semester is coming to an end, and my future teaching career is getting closer by the minute I decided to work on classroom related words and phrases to expand my ASL communication with my students.

In the first video I will show you the words ‘teacher’, ‘student’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘what’, ‘understand’, and ‘name’. Basic single words to help with communication and understanding in a classroom setting.

Next I tried my best to learn from Bill Vicar’s YouTube Channel and be able to sign full phrases and questions I may need to use with students as well.

1- What’s Wrong?

2- Do you need to go to the bathroom?

3- Keep Working!

4- That’s very good!

5- Please come here.

6- Try again.


Please get in touch with me if you have suggestions! I’m always wanting to learn more and take any advice you think is essential with ASL.

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