Foundations 30 Year Plan

Foundations of Mathematics 30 Year Plan

Theme: Probability


Demonstrate understanding of inductive and deductive reasoning including: analysis of conditional statements analysis of puzzles and games involving numerical and logical reasoning making and justifying decisions solving problems. [C, CN, ME, PS, R]


Demonstrate understanding of set theory and its applications. [CN, PS, R, V]


Extend understanding of odds and probability. [C, CN, ME]


Extend understanding of the probability of two events, including events that are: mutually exclusive non-mutually exclusive dependent independent. [CN, PS, R, V]


Demonstrate understanding of combinatorics including: the fundamental counting principle permutations (excluding circular permutations) combinations. [ME, PS, R, T, V]


Research and give a presentation of a current event or an area of interest that requires data collection and analysis. [C, CN, ME, PS, R, T, V]

Theme: Investment


Demonstrate understanding of financial decision making including analysis of: renting, leasing, and buying credit compound interest investment portfolios. [C, CN, ME, PS, R, T]

Theme: Logarithms


Demonstrate understanding of the representation and analysis of data using: polynomial functions of degree ≤ 3 logarithmic functions exponential functions sinusoidal functions. [C, CN, PS, T, V]


Rationale for Order of Themes:

            Chose to begin the Foundations 30 year plan with Probability as I saw it encompassed the majority of the outcomes for this course. Probability is also introduced in Grade 9 so I felt students would have a chance to recall that content from previous math years.

Next I chose to create the Investment theme to branch off of Probability, with potential correlation between probability of stock or mortgage worth in investments. I also combined logarithms into investments since there is an opportunity to introduce logs within investments when solving for an unknown variable as an exponent.


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