Math 9 Year Plan

Real World Application of Probability (Statistics and Probability): 

SP 9.2 – Understanding of collection, display, and analysis of data through projects.

SP 9.1 – Statistical Data.

SP 9.3 – Understand the role of probability in society.

SP 9.4 – First Nations and Metis use of probability and statistics.


Number Sense (Number):

N 9.2 – Understanding of rational numbers.

N 9.3 – Square roots, include square root of positive rational number.

N 9.1 – Powers with integral base (exclude base 0) and whole number exponents.


Linear Relations (Patterns):

P 9.1 – Understanding linear relations.

P 9.2 – Solve situational questions using linear equations.

P 9.3 – Single Variable linear inequalities with rational coefficients.

P 9.4 – Polynomials (less than or equal to 2).


Understanding 2D and 3D objects (Shapes and Space):

SS 9.2 – Area and surface area of various shapes.

SS 9.3 – Understanding the similarity of 2-D shapes.

SS 9.1 – Circle properties.

SS 9.4 – Line and rotation symmetry.

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