Summary of Learning

Well, the time has come for my experience in ECMP455 to come to an end, but my connections with educators online is just getting started. I regret letting myself have a slow start in this class as coming back to university after being a student-teacher for four months was extremely difficult. I am more than happy to say it was well worth it, and I learned so much in this class and interacted with individuals around the world that I never would have met if I wasn’t introduced to Twitter.

In ECMP455 the most important thing I took out of the class is understanding the importance of collaboration, sharing, and asking for resources or assistance online. I have always been fully aware of Twitter and blogging but I honestly did not know how to properly use them, so therefore I felt like I had no interest in it. Because of this class I have come in contact with so many people around the world, shared resources, learned from them, and actually helped them learn! Which is really exciting, and I wouldn’t have had that opportunity if it weren’t for social networking and building our Personal Learning Network. Tweet Deck has helped me follow #saskedchat, #slowmathchat, and has helped me collaborate with these particular educators willing to help me as well. BlueJeans and Blackboard Collaborate were extremely cool, being able to meet online, hear audio, see visuals, meeting with people without having to be in one classroom at the university. I also really enjoyed FlipGrid (which you’ll see in the video below), great way of getting responses from people, sharing them, and being able to capture that information using Screencastify. I learned about so many great tools throughout ECMP455 , I am so grateful for this class and cannot wait to use what I’ve learned in my classroom!

Take a look at my group’s video about what we all took away from ECMP455!

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