Stein In A Nutshell

Hello everyone! As you have probably figured out by now, my name is Rebecca Stein. I am nearing the end of my BEd degree at the University of Regina this spring. The city life has definitely been an adjustment for me but certainly feels more like home, regardless of the huge change from my 100+ population of my hometown! I grew up on a farm just outside of the village of Simpson. I attended Simpson School until 2004 when our school shut down, which led me to complete my Grades 6-12 in Watrous.

If I could think of one word to describe my life and hobbies all together for you it would be MUSIC. Music is always around me in my everyday life and has been for as long as I can remember. I have completed my Grade 8 Piano, Grade 2 Theory, and Grade 6 Voice exams throughout my high school years. Working with RuBarb Productions as assistant director last summer for “Blast to the Past – Alice in Wonderland” was so incredible, and introduced me to RuBarb’s summer musicals as well. I played the part of the ‘new postulant’ and  ‘nun’ in this summer’s “Sound of Music” in Moose Jaw. Music accompany’s me daily whether it’s playing on my phone as I get ready in the morning, taking lessons, performing, or filling up some free time on piano or guitar. It’s my personal stress reliever and entertainment!

Technology plays a huge role in my day to day life. It provides me with tools as simple as my alarm to make sure I get up in the morning, to computers and internet for homework, or cell phones for keeping in contact with family and friends. The ability to play, create, listen, or edit music through the use of technology is important to me. Technology was easily a huge part of my success through high school and is carrying on throughout university. We don’t even think twice about being able to use computers, internet or smartboards in our education, it all has became the new ‘norm’.

Continuing to provide the opportunity and expanding our understanding of technology in classrooms is very important and shouldn’t be pushed aside. We can all see that our world is evolving around it and changing quickly. Sticking to the old fashioned teaching can be easier for some people, but since when is learning something new ever wrong? Classrooms are a place for students AND teachers to learn new things, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to what is easiest from the past.

In my ECMP class I am looking forward to learning some new ways of providing my knowledge to students in the future years. Technology has so much more to offer than what I even realize and how I grew up learning. Going to class in high school, or anywhere for that matter, would be so much more interesting if there was an exciting way of learning it (no more old school chalkboard to loose leaf kind of notes!). I cannot wait to continue learning for and from my future students!


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