Are Past Generations Proud or Disappointed of Our Youth?

This weekend I was working a day shift and had the priviledge of interacting with two elderly couples over noon hour. I introduced myself, just as any average server would, explaining I would be taking care of them for the next few hours. As I gradually got to know them and their journeys, not once did I mention this was only my part-time job or that I was currently an Education student about to complete my degree. The couples continued on with their visit together, catching up with what they are keeping busy with and where each of their children are living, then I happened to catch a bit of their conversation. One of the ladies mentioned her granddaughter is in Grade 8, doing really well in school, but her penmanship was immature and she couldn’t spit out a multiplication problem off the top of her head without typing it into the calculator on her phone first. Her friend’s husband spoke up with both support and contradiction, explaining he had noticed the exact same ‘weaknesses‘ in his grandchild, yet is amazed every time his grandson introduces him to the new technology he has learned (whether it be a new app or video game). I felt bad eavesdropping, but this conversation was so intriguing to me that I moved a little closer. Shaking his head, the other gentleman made the comment, “could you imagine if the last battery on earth died? Our society would be in ruins”.  I truly wanted to interject here, but I didn’t feel it was my place as they all had valid points. In their youth, they were raised with next to no technology, only access to electricity in most cases, and they made their living by working hard, often outside, under unpleasant circumstances. The couples began reminiscing about these aspects in their life, how they would never get away with being glued to a silly cellphone all day long, how children are often handed these gadgets and gizmos just because they can be, and mentioned how concerned they are with the fact that if technology was removed from our hands we would be hopeless.

This experience has left me feeling torn. Do I respect and understand their thoughts? Absolutely. But the four of them specifically were not raised in a world of this access to technology. They made do with what was offered to them and probably didn’t think twice about it at the time. As far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what the case is today with our youth. This is the generation, era, and experience that they have grown up being exposed to. To them, having this access is ‘normal’ and they probably do not think twice about it either. But to decide whether or not this is a deterrence in our every days lives I am not sure I agree with.


Bullying Awareness.. Let’s Do Something

I came across this video posted by an average, everyday student in today’s society. Bullying happens way to often and absolutely everywhere..This needs to stop. You never see the true feelings the victims of bullying are experiencing, some may be stronger than others and able to shake it off… others, it impacts them much stronger, It can leave awful thoughts in their minds that maybe all the nicknames they’ve been called are really true. Bullying makes you feel worthless, alone, and tears you down, never builds you up. I know I’ve been bullied.. and so have you. I know I’ve been the bully to some growing up, and in different ways, we all have. Bullying needs to stop before it’s too late to apologize to the poor kid you’ve been hurting all through Elementary School.

As a student, you rarely see, or even think about, the true consequences of how bullying effects people. I never thought anyone could be bullied to this extent, or to take all the ‘jokes’ so seriously and have it really harm them. As you grow up and see how it effects those younger than you, it’s an extreme eye opener.

I am going to be in and out of working with students in my upcoming teaching career and will do my absolute best to keep these situations out of my classroom. If you witness bullying… don’t sit there and watch and feel bad for the kid.. do something.

We can only hope that all victims of bullying could be as brave as this boy..

‘Tis the Season to Sing!

December is nearing, and so are many Christmas concerts, recitals and pagents. As many of you probably hated these the most in Elementary School or in music lessons, I just so happened to love them. 🙂 Sadly, I accepted that moving on to University, I wouldn’t have these opportunities to perform my favorite holiday’s tunes….NOT! On Dec 9th and 10th, I will be joining a very talented couple, Jeff and Evie Sawatzky, in their annual Christmas program, “A Big Band Christmas”. I was contacted last week and offered to sing duets, solos and in their choir.. I hesitated knowing this is in the middle of finals.. but I accepted.

I am caught quite regularly singing in my room practicing, so if I miss any classes.. it’s because I’m more excited for this than to keep track of the time! The two shows are Dec 9th and 10th in Moose Jaw at the Mae Wilson Theater. Come on out!

But here’s what’s really getting me excited… my mom and dad go every year… so they already have tickets. I called my dad to tell him that I’m in it.. but we’re not telling my mom! My dad is going to get her there shortly before the show starts, hopefully hide the program from her, and when I come on stage she’s going to freak out. Ah! I’m so witty, but my mom follows me whereever I perform.. now she’ll be there and won’t even know she’s gone to watch her daughter. Now, no telling her! This plan has to be bulletproof. 🙂

Merry Christmas Mom!

Don’t Worry..Be Happy! :)

Have you ever had one of those days… or even weeks perhaps where you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and can’t get out? I have. First semester is quickly wrapping up, important final assignments are nearing their due dates a little too close together with the rest, and let me tell you, my head is spinning just a bit.

One thing I love that I can always count on during these stressful and difficult times is my friends and family! Even if I haven’t talked to them much one day to vent about my ‘University student blues’, it is guaranteed at least one of them ends up making my entire day better, simply by putting a smile on my face.

As I was stressed, sending drafts to profs and thinking these assignments aren’t getting anywhere, I got a new message in my inbox. One of my very close friends emailed me this link, so out of curiousity, I clicked it not knowing if it was spam or not. Well let me tell you… even if it was spam, it still did the trick! 🙂

I challenge each of you who read this blog post to go out of your way today and be that person who makes someone’s day just a little bit brighter. Just because they aren’t showing it physically or emotionally, doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a booster upper! Now go for it!

Christmas Time is Near….

This goes out to all you scrooge’s out there who say it’s way too early for Christmas songs, baking or decorating. I just so happen to be counting down the day until Christmas because it is by far my favorite holiday ever! The countdown is on, first semester is wrapping up, and it’s getting below the temperatures that I’d prefer. My favorite part about the holidays is getting together with my family. However, watching kids Christmas movies, ignoring the fact that I’m 18..almost 19 years old, always makes the holidays that much better! Some all time favorites are, the Grinch, Mickey Mouse’s Christmas, Home Alone, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and last but not least, Charlie Brown’s Christmas!

Here’s for all of you who are having troubles getting in the Christmas spirit.. enjoy the snowfall, the hot chocolate and go get your Charlie Brown Christmas tree! 🙂

Life Is A Song….. And We Are The Lyrics

As my busy school year has begun, I catch myself reflecting on the summer that just flew by me. I had the opportunity of working with an incredible group/cast of ‘The Sound of Music” with RuBarb Productions in Moose Jaw. So many long days and weeks were put into making our 11 shows a huge success. After becoming so close with absolutely everyone, and building, what seems like, an entire second family, you really start to miss it after it’s all over and done with. Here are some pictures as to my ‘musical summer’: