Workplace and Apprenticeship 20

Volume, Surface Area, 3D Objects and Triangles

WA20.1 (#1) Expand and apply understanding of the preservation of equality including solving problems that involve the manipulation and application of formulae for volume and capacity, surface area, slope and rate of change, simple interest, and finance charges. [C,CN,ME,PS,R,T]

WA20.3 (#2) Extend and apply understanding of surface area, volume, and capacity using concrete and pictorial models and symbolic representations (SI or imperial units of measurement). [C,CN,ME,PS,V]

WA20.5 (#3) Extend and apply understanding of 3-D objects including: ○ top, bottom, and side views ○ exploded views ○ component parts ○ scale diagrams. [CN, R, T, V]

WA20.4 (#4) Solve problems that involve at least two right triangles. [CN,PS,T,V]

Visual Representation of Math

WA20.9 (#5) Demonstrate concretely, pictorially, and symbolically (with and without the use of technology) an understanding of slope with respect to: ○ rise over run ○ rate of change ○ solving problems. [C, CN, PS, V]

WA20.11 (#6) Extend and apply understanding of representing data using graphs including: ○ bar graphs ○ histograms ○ line graphs ○ circle graphs. [C, CN, PS, R, T, V]

Financial Planning

WA20.7 (#7) Demonstrate understanding of compound interest. [CN, ME, PS, T]

WA20.8 (#8) Demonstrate understanding of financial institution services used to access and manage personal finances, including credit options. [C,ME,CN,PS,R,T]

WA20.6 (#9) Demonstrate understanding of personal budgets and their importance for financial planning. [CN,PS,R,T,V]

Solving Problems and Proportional Thinking

WA20.2 (#10) Demonstrate the ability to analyze puzzles and games that involve numerical reasoning and problem solving strategies. [C,CN,PS,R]

WA20.10 (#11) Extend and apply proportional thinking to solve problems that involve unit analysis and scale. [C,CN,PS,R,T,V]