Measurement – Inquiry

'I know we're inchworms, but let's get into the spirit of this! Change is good!'



Intro To Measurement


Subject: WA Math                                                                                                       Grade: 10

Lesson Length: __64 min__

Content (Topic): 3.1 – Systems of Measurement                                  Teaching Strategy: Inquiry

Learning Objectives:

WA 10.3 – Demonstrate using concrete, and pictorial models, and symbolic representations, understanding of measurement systems including:


– The Systeme International (SI)

– The British Imperial System

– The US Customary System



  1. b) Describe situations relevant to self, family, or community in which the SI and/or Imperial systems are used.

– Students will explore, analyze patterns, and develop understanding of many units in all three systems of measurements


Prerequisite Learning:

– Ability to apply and understand perimeter of polygons

– Familiarity of comparing perimeter and area

– Solving situational questions including perimeter of polygons

– Understanding of circles including circumference

– Familiarity with setting up proportions and proportional reasoning


Lesson Preparation: Have supplies set up, with work sheets and materials ready


Materials: Rulers, meter sticks, desks, trundle wheels, tin canister, pens, string



– Quick recap of the two different systems of measurement; two examples of each

– Bring up a metric and imperial ruler image on the Mimio. Do two examples of what the points are called and what the distance is between each “1 and 2”

– Students will complete ruler work sheet to practice finding 9 different points on rulers representing both metric and imperial systems


– Students will have the opportunity to choose their own groups (7 groups of 4)

– Stations will be assigned, and students will receive 5-8 minutes to complete each station

– As they rotate through the stations they will be asked to record either the perimeter or circumference of their objects (these terms may be new, but this is their chance to explore and inquire!)

– Students will be required to measure their objects in various units of measurement (inches, cm, meters, reference objects)

– Students must keep hand outs for next period when conversions are introduced



– Students will fill out the last two columns (converting) to the best of their ability. This is where working together as a group is beneficial!


Classroom Management:

-Monitor student behavior by walking around

-Partners will be switched or students will be required to complete the station independently if they are not working well together

Adaptive Dimensions:

-Introducing the formula if students visualize where the numbers should be placed if they do not understand.

Professional Development Plan: Managing/Maintaining Group Work (Cooperative Learning)




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